Fine Art


Fine art

Navigating the world of fine art is not a straightforward process.  In recent years it has changed, from a collectors market to an investors market, making it even more difficult for those who wish to take part in it to do so with any clarity.  We work with highly trained and knowledgeable art consultants who will guide clients through all the process of buying, collecting, selling or establishing business in the art world.  Clients can take comfort knowing that our consultants work solely on our clients behalf and are not connected to galleries and or auction houses, thus ensuring that the client will always receive unbiased advice.  Our art consultants are also the soul of discretion and will remain discrete throughout the entire process.
  • Negotiating the purchase or sale of works
  • Introduction to artists and designers
  • Negotiating commissions
  • Collection, development and management
  • Cataloging and research
  • Condition reports
  • Importing and exporting works of high value
  • Location of long or short term gallery spaces
  • Exhibition set up, management and PR

Fine art insurance

Whether you have a single high value piece of art, or you're a collector, our team of insurance specialists will carefully craft your cover with a personal approach.

asset protection and high value escort

Our specialist security experts can guide you on your way.  Whether you require security guards to guard your assets or close protection officers to protect your loved ones.  We can even help you move your assets from one location to another with our highly trained security professionals and our top of the range vehicles.